Momentarily off track on Pelee Island


In view of the exceedingly brief recent blogposts in which typos were left uncorrected (how many freelance gigs did that cost me?) and a backyard garden gone to seed, I suppose the vacation from which I returned yesterday was urgently required. It certainly pulled me off track, which was a good thing.

Two days of my time away were spent on the Canadian side of Lake Erie, at the Gathering Place B&B on Pelee Island. Blue skies and a good friend kept me company. Although only a few monarch butterflies had begun their southern migration by way of Pelee, fun-loving acquaintances of the innkeepers made their way to the island for a couple of brilliant days. Their sunny mood was contagious and invigorating. To my delight, I found they were great fans of Leonard Cohen.

Across the lake, we could see Put-in-Bay, a small village on South Bass Island that party-seeking Ohioans find especially attractive. Pelee Island, which is considerably larger but less populous than South Bass, was peaceful without seeming isolated. We roamed the southern portion on bicycles, combed the sand for beach glass, toured the gardens of Pelee Island Winery, and were grateful for our host’s capability as an auto mechanic.


I’ll be sorry to see Pelee’s unavoidable redevelopment as a tourist attraction, but the island’s residents are more pragmatic. They are currently watching for signs of the renovation at Vin Villa, an elaborate winery established by Kentuckians in 1866 and damaged by fire after standing vacant. According to rumor, a Texan is now transforming the estate into an exclusive spa resort.

Other visitors to Pelee this week were bass fishermen and pheasant hunters, who must have been as pleased by their destination as I was.

Should I avoid a return trip simply because it might not measure up to my memories of this one?


3 Replies to “Momentarily off track on Pelee Island”

  1. Your holiday sounds fantastic–a time to relax and get out of the normal work routine.

    As for missing the typos, it’s always harder to proofread our own material because our mind efficiently fills in the correct spelling etc. for us. I find it MUCH easier to proofread others’ work than my own.


  2. The Texan you referred has deep Pelee roots .His grandmother was Ada McCormack and he spent many summers on the Island with his Mom and brother .
    He’s restoring his Grandmother’s old stone house and investing millions to preserve Vin Villa history
    And ….he’s a real nice guy with fond memories of his childhood
    He’s a giver not a taker
    Bob Harris

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