Are you shy?

You might have noticed the flamboyant pink badge over in the right column that links to Writer Mama’s Back-to-School Giveaway, which began on Labor Day and continues through the end of September. The event leads up to the publication of Get Known Before the Book Deal, the new book by Writer Mama Christina Katz, who betrays no signs of shyness.

[Note inserted on September 15, 2008: Lee (Peter Murphy? Spambot?) is quite right in pointing out that the pink badge doesn’t show up when this post is viewed separately from the rest of the blog. And on September 30, 2008: The contest badge is being removed today, the last day of the contest.]

I had the sincere pleasure of meeting Christina during the BEA/Writer’s Digest Books Writers Conference at the beginning of summer. She is a whirlwind. Don’t take my word for it. Browse on over to one of her websites and see for yourself. I recently recommended her advice for writers to one of my neighbors, who is exploring new opportunities now that her children are in school.

Tomorrow, Christina will award a very nice prize to one of the people who answer her posted question about whether shyness impedes a writing career. I’d say you need not be shy to answer the question, but don’t hesitate. Entries for each day’s drawing can be submitted until midnight in Oregon, which gives night owls here in Ohio three extra hours to deliberate. Contest rules are posted on the Writer Mama Riffs Blog. Good luck!

One Reply to “Are you shy?”

  1. Apparently the badge doesn’t show on this post’s page. Only to the main page of the blog. Thanks for posting this, I think I’m gonna try it. :)

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