The slender, smooth saplings make sturdy handholds, anchored and resilient in a way that we who cling to them can never be. If we try to help each other, we are offering only hope with our outstretched hands, not real security—only affection, not strength.

The Awakening, in snow
Photo: “The Awakening, in snow” by Daimon Eklund is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

One Reply to “Resilience”

  1. That’s incredibly astute…

    I’m behind on my blog readings, so I just caught this entry, but I was feeling the end of another friendship this week (ah, the joys of California) and then came upon this. Perhaps I lean too hard for the strength.

    I have probably broken more than my share of saplings at the base of the trunk in my time, even when I am trying hard to keep it to affection.

    Thank you for this, Robin…

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