Get it!

Get Up and FlyListen to the gorgeous “Sarina’s Dream,” one of the songs on the CD Get Up and Fly, which was produced and engineered by Bruce Dalzell for Passion Works Studio in Athens, Ohio.

The lyrics, composed by Sarina Winner with Jennifer Lovsey, were set to music by the amazing Laura Nadeau, who recorded the song with John “Catfish” Juliano, Dave Baer, and Tony Houston.

Get Up and Fly was followed by My Little Pancake Button. Both of the CDs were labors of love involving artists and poets with developmental disabilities, students at Hocking College under the direction of professor Deni Naffziger, and songwriters and musicians from Athens. The results of their collaboration will shake you up and make you happy.

2 Replies to “Get it!”

  1. Laura:

    I’ve been hoping to see you perform but haven’t been in the right place at the right time yet. However, I was able to snag the last CD recording of Pony Girl, love it, and hope there are more recordings to come.

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