Quick links to litmags’ submission guidelines

Maybe you’re not quite ready to post your best creative writing on the Web for everyone’s feedback, as described in last week’s post. In your opinion, the tightly sealed manila envelope works just fine, thank you very much, and you’ve got plenty of postage stamps. Email submissions, you say, are just a little unnerving, though you’d love to help save the rainforest—and you will join us in the 21st century—eventually. It’s a promise.

Free Aqua Gloss IconsIn the meantime, here’s a gift for you from John Darling, also known to his readers as Jay Dee. The Ivory Tower is an online directory of links to the submission guidelines for almost 1,000 literary periodicals. What could be nicer?

My Delicious list of literary journals now extends to 700 publications. Darling’s is longer.

You’re probably already familiar with the old standbys, LiteraryMarketPlace.com and WritersMarket.com, subscription-based online databases that include the information you need to contact book publishers, small presses, magazines, journals, and literary agencies. In print format, these two massive directories are available at your local public library. (In the interest of full disclosure, let me note that I write for F+W Media, which owns WritersMarket.com and Writer’s Digest Books.)

Do you have any tips for creative writers who want to accumulate writing credits? How important to you is the prestige of the publications to which you submit your work?

3 Replies to “Quick links to litmags’ submission guidelines”

  1. I appreciate your mentioning my little project here. It really just started out as a way to share what writer’s market information I had collected over the years with fellow writers. The visual arts links came as sort of a by blow, but I am now glad I added it because I like to help all of the arts. One other project that sprouted from The Ivory Tower, is my new webzine, The Tower. The second edition will be out July 1, 2008. I invite all your reader to drop in and see it at http://www.theivorytowerzine.com

    The second edition will be a little edgier than the first, which is why it is called The Tower: Dark City Edition.

  2. It’s amazing how helpful the direct link you provide to each magazine’s submission guidelines page is, John. I’m sure you’re getting a lot of traffic on the site. The Web is all about sharing!

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