Six Sentences, Volume 1

Today, my talented friend and occasional client Tara Lazar is celebrating the release of Six Sentences, Volume 1. Her short short stories appear in the book, which was compiled and edited by Robert McEvily, the fortyish creator of Six Sentences, a microfiction blog. McEvily’s doing some smart, innovative things on a shoestring budget. If he gave each of the book’s contributing authors a copy, then he can count me as a fan.

You can purchase Six Sentences, Volume 1 for $29.97 at or CreateSpace, the subsidiary that lets you self-publish books, music, and video with no up-front fees and no minimum order. As you can see, the self-publishing, POD method increases the price of a book by 20 to 50 percent. However, there’s no waste in the process. Only ebooks are more ecologically sound.

Congratulations, Tara! This is the beginning of many good things.

4 Replies to “Six Sentences, Volume 1”

  1. Hi Robin,

    Thanks very much for mentioning Tara and the site. I’m planning on having a certain number of copies of the book available as prizes in future writing contests. Any profits from the book will go toward advertising the site, helping it grow, attracting new writers, and funding future contests and giveaways. Our last contest had a $50.00 Grand Prize Winner and 9 $10.00 Prize Winners! I also recently awarded a brand new iPod Shuffle to one of my 6S Newsletter subscribers (for a subscriber-only writing contest).

    Hey Robin, by the way, what can YOU say in six sentences?

    Robert McEvily
    Editor, 6S

  2. Sadly, 6S has faded away but I have since published four picture books with Simon & Schuster, Random House and Sterling, with more under contract. I’ve also become one of the top bloggers in kidlit. Your instincts were spot-on, although I write for children now, which was always my goal. Thank you for your encouragement and friendship when I was just starting out!


  3. Hi, Tara! It’s been ages. I remember well that you had your sights set on children’s picture books. Your marketing skills have served you well. Congratulations on your remarkable successes, and may they continue long into the future.

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