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National Poetry Month - April 2008April is National Poetry Month. Check out the Online Poetry Resources, including audio, video, and images, at the Academy of American Poets’ official website,

Blogger, children’s book author, screenwriter, and poet Gregory K. Pincus (GottaBook) and others (did we know Farrar, Straus and Giroux had a poetry blog?) are celebrating by posting daily this month. I noticed someone referred to it as NaPoWriMo. That’s right—National Poetry Writing Month.

As promised earlier this week, here’s a collection of links to poetry videos, animations, and slideshows:

African Poetry Review – a YouTube channel

Ari’s Poetry Garden Virtual Kanji Tour – Allison Inaba

BBC: Poetry on Display – a showcase of visual poetry

BBC Schools: GCSE Bitesize Revision poetry slideshows – a resource for teachers

Best Minds – film clips of poetry readings

Billy Collins: action poetry

Borders Open Door Poetry – my personal favorite Videotheque

Favorite Poem Project – Americans reciting poems they love

Fooling with Words with Bill Moyers – coverage of the 1998 Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival

Geoffrey Hill reciting “The Storm”

Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation – a YouTube channel

The Griffin Poetry Prize – Poetry Reading Podcasts – audio and video

Haiku: Spring Poetry and Photography – a collaborative project of Ray Rasmussen and the World Haiku Club

Like Smoke” – a Flash poem by Peter Howard


Michael Rosen – video poetry for children

PBS: The United States of Poetry

poems that GO – new media poetry

Poetry International Rotterdam: Camera Poetica – you’ll love it

Smartish Pace Media Center

SpokenVerse – a YouTube channel created by the anonymous reader who calls himself Tom O’Bedlam

Spotlight on Voices & Visions – “the lives and works of 13 of America’s most famous modern poets”

What’s your favorite poem? Share it with us by posting a link to it in your comment below.

4 Replies to “Video poetry”

  1. Ooooh, I don’t think I’ve ever been a “tag” before! Thanks for the link, but more so for the collection of video links. Michael Rosen reading a whole book? Cooool!

    Love this month. . . .

  2. One good turn deserves another, as they say. I can tell you’re enjoying NaPoWriMo.

    I have a yen to see a poetry slam. (Poetry Slam, Inc., covers the territory.) It’s that or revert to childhood and get on the bookmobile for storytime.

    Have a great month, Greg!

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