Audio downloads: Poetry readings

I’ve been noting sources of poetry reading podcasts, and my list is becoming too long for a blogpost. In fact, I’ve separated the audio from the video recordings, and I’ll post links to poetry videos later this week.

BBC: Poetry Out Loud

Contemporary Poetry Review – list of poetry audio clips An Active Anthology of Verse

From the Fishouse: an audio archive of emerging poets [Updated on March 24, 2010]

KQED The Writers’ Block

Laurable’s Poetry Audio Links [Updated on April 20, 2008]

LINEbreak [Updated on March 23, 2010]

Linebreak [Updated on March 23, 2010] [Updated on October 28, 2009]

PennSound [Updated on March 23, 2010]

Poems Out Loud [Updated on April 29, 2010]

The Poetry Archive – listen only [Updated on June 17, 2008]

Poetry International Web: Audio [Updated on April 30, 2008]

Poetry Out Loud

Poetry Speaks [Updated on March 24, 2010]

Poets Corner Press » Audio Poems » Poetry Ringtones and Audio



Salmon Poetry Audio & Video [Updated on March 24, 2010]

Smartish Pace MEDIA

Soundzine [Updated on April 10, 2008]

textsound [Updated on April 16, 2008]

WFIU Presents: The Poet’s Weave

The Writer’s Almanac with Garrison Keillor

The Writer’s Corner on WLRH

I welcome your comments and links to other poetry readings available as audio downloads.

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