Making pretty ebooks

A new document publishing service called Issuu transforms PDFs into attractive ebooks and hosts them on the Web for free. The site is streamlined and very easy to use. I dredged up a paper I wrote back in 1999, inserted hyperlinks, converted it to PDF, and uploaded it to Issuu. I then copied the embed code Issue provided and added it here, so you could see the result.

A preview version of the document should show up here on the blog. Unfortunately, only the link to the publication appears. I’m not sure why.

I’m also disappointed that the hyperlinks in the published document aren’t functional, though you can see the underlined blue text. Nevertheless, Issuu is a nice option if you want to publish a free illustrated ebook or ‘zine.

5 Replies to “Making pretty ebooks”

  1. Thanks for the interesting info. As an ebook author, I’m always curious about anything ebook. I host my work on
    which can really turn your novel into an attractive ebook at no charge, complete with pics. Links don’t work there either, but I write fiction so it’s not important to me. Let’s hope advancing technology continues to make ebooks more acceptable. Then, both writers and readers will benefit.

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