Meaningful work nourishes the spirit

Russell S. Donda and Kenneth M. Heilman, M.D., are the co-authors of “Neuroscience and Fundamentalism,” a provocative article in Tikkun that fascinated me when I read it last year. I’ve kept track of Russ Donda on Facebook, and today he’s pleased to share his comments on bestselling author Thomas Moore’s newest book, A Life at Work, about cultivating the spirit through meaningful labor.


Guest blogger:
Russell S. Donda, Synogen Inc.

A Life at Work, by Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul, has just released his newest book, A Life at Work. I have read Care of the Soul numerous times and consider its suggestions and ideas to be profoundly life-changing. It’s at the top of my “favorites” book list, and I often recommend it to new friends.

Whatever was done so splendidly in and with Care of the Soul seems to have now somehow found its true way home. A Life at Work has emerged from the cocoon of Tom’s heart into a healing balm of thoughts, ideas, and words fully understandable—yet immeasurably life-changing. In Care of the Soul, I re-read many sentences as I attempted to fully understand the gift of ideas being presented. Not so in this new book. Reading, discovery, encouragement, and amazement flowed with ease. Perhaps that’s just me. But maybe not.

Whether you have ever contemplated what it is you should be doing with your life or, perhaps more likely, if someone you know has been giving thought to what they want to do with their life, this book is a rare, beautiful, and precious “gemstone of guidance.” But make no mistake, please; it goes far beyond our selection of the right work. For all of us, Thomas Moore steadily offers hope that a life of beauty, achievement, and tranquility arises from the ordinary—when it’s valued as extraordinary.

Can you tell I am recommending this book? I hope you will enjoy it.

Russell S. Donda resides in Gainesville, Florida, where the sun shines on him and the biomedical industry’s technology startups. As an associate of the venture fund Synogen, he helps medtech projects secure the funding necessary to accelerate development.

4 Replies to “Meaningful work nourishes the spirit”

  1. the authentic life is what it’s all about –

    a genuine expression of who we are, what we are capable of

    meaningful work is a vital part of this

    some people realise this only too late

  2. Russ is a member of the Barque forum that discusses Thomas Moore’s work. Registration is free and all who are interested in shared interests are invited to join. Thank you Robin and Russ for sharing this response.

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