The Liar’s Diary Blog Day

The Liar's Diary by Patry FrancisSusan Henderson, who writes the blog LitPark, organized today’s effort to publicize the paperback release of The Liar’s Diary, a novel by her friend Patry Francis.

Hundreds of people, including bloggers, journalists, readers, literary agents, editors, and other publishing professionals are taking part in The Liar’s Diary Blog Day. Henderson explains why:

What if you worked for years as a waitress and then went home at the end of the day to your husband and four kids, and in those rare minutes of free time, you dared to dream that one day you might write a book? This is the story of my friend Patry—a story that leaves out years of false starts, revisions, and rejection slips. It’s a story that writers know intimately, though the details are different. Every one of us is well acquainted with the struggle of getting a story on paper, of honing it and believing in it enough to send it out, only to receive rejection, or worse, silence for our efforts.

Imagine, after many years, you beat the odds. You finish that book. You find that agent who sells your manuscript. Your dream is about to become a reality. But just as your book is due to be released, you discover you have an aggressive form of cancer.

Patry’s story struck such a deep chord with many of us, not just because she is our friend, but because those of us who know her or read her blog have relied on her company through the ups and mostly downs of trying to write and sell a book. She is our buoy. She has shown us time and again her great gift for shedding light in the dark. Even her blog post about her cancer showed this—in her greatest time of need, she was still somehow comforting all of us and showing us glimpses of joy.

Continue reading Henderson’s post at LitPark »

Sheila Clover English, the CEO of Circle of Seven Productions who visited as a guest blogger here a couple of months ago, supplied this Book Trailer video to help publicize The Liar’s Diary.

Penguin is offering a 15% discount on The Liar’s Diary. Add the book to your shopping cart, enter the name PATRY in the coupon code field, and click on UPDATE CART to activate the discount.

Visit Patry Francis’s blog, Simply Wait, to follow her progress and be entertained by her careful observations. We all wish her well.

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