I like the pictures best of all

Friend, neighbor, and trained pastry chef Laura Robertson-Boyd has just launched the website BakingSOS.com. If you’re baking for the holidays, you’d better bookmark her site, ’cause accidents will happen.

I learned the hard way that you can’t put lemon juice in the cake batter. Where was Laura when I really needed her?

thoroughbred pie

Laura joins several great Columbus-area food bloggers, including:

They are all inspiring. I’m headed to Mozart’s Bakery now…

7 Replies to “I like the pictures best of all”

  1. Okay, haven’t tried Trattoria, so that’s on the list. Next time you come to San Francisco, though, give up on Roma, my dear. Roma is just coffee. Instead, you must go to Philz. There’s coffee, and then there is PHILZ.

    And yes, I would probably miss Philz if I were to leave. :)

    I guess my eyes were bigger than my stomach there…I got all excited with the pictures, too! Those hot-crossed buns made my mouth water…

    Just a little culinary side-note: When I first moved here I was expecting great experimentation of food and drink. I had just arrived from the ritual of a coffee shop in Springfield, MO called the Mudhouse (btw, both Philz and Mudhouse have websites, but I don’t know how to do the funky thing with the words and links like you do), where they made the mugs you drank from on a pottery wheel in the back and their signature frozen coffee drink was the Elvis (iced coffee, peanut butter, and banana, blended). I thought that surely if Missouri could come up with a drink and coffee house concept like THAT, then California, land of avacado and cafe culture, would blow my socks off!

    It hasn’t yet. But then, I haven’t been to the really fancy restaurants. I don’t think that I should have to to find inventive and stunning food–maybe that’s the rules out here. But I don’t want to believe that just yet.

    BTW, I used to gross out people here with my story of the Elvis. Then just this year Tully’s started adding banana to their coffee. No peanut butter, just the banana. Baby steps. :)

    Still exploring…

  2. I linked up your comment, Jo, but I couldn’t find the official Mudhouse website. Send me the URL and I’ll switch out the link, if you want.

    You’ll need reservations for Trattoria Contadina, but I think you’ll love it.

    And it sounds trite, but don’t ever go to Paris, or you’ll never again be satisfied with pastries or hot chocolate on this side of the Atlantic.

    It’s almost time for lunch here in the Midwest, and this is making me hungry!

  3. Well, I feel sheepish…this is what happens when paper and pen girl says there is a link…

    No link for Mudhouse. The guy who runs it probably doesn’t want to spread the word anymore, since it’s just him and Starbucks in that town…

    So sorry…

    I am already pretty picky about my hot chocolate and pastries, so maybe Paris would be like coming home… :)

    But what was it Michener said? The world is my home.

    Thanks for the food focus…this was a wonderful and delectable part of my vacation.

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