Two reasons nothing is random

We’re alarmed by chaos. It forces us to become more alert to danger. It won’t allow us to remain at rest.

Whatever we perceive order to be, our efforts to restore it never end. Some of those relentless exertions are physical, and many are mental. As we scramble to make predictions that we hope will keep our lives orderly and safe, one elegant pattern appears: cause and effect.

How often we ignore one of these two inseparable companions.

While focusing on our disease, we refuse to address the habits that caused it. If we notice the habits, we overlook the inability to cope that led us to find solace in unhealthy routines. When we confess that we’ve underestimated our capacity for stress, we simultaneously deny that our most unbearable tension resulted from unrealistic expectations and wrongheaded beliefs.

When we praise excellence, we reinforce efforts at artistic and intellectual mastery.

Cause and effect. The two reasons nothing is random.

5 Replies to “Two reasons nothing is random”

  1. So you must mean that the pile of junk on my kitchen counter—the proliferation of mail, old birthday cards, orphaned puzzle pieces, tiny plastic toys, empty zip-lock baggies that are neither clean nor dirty, coupons, buttons, and other assorted items—ISN’T RANDOM? I was counting on that to explain it away. I didn’t realize I was contributing to the chaos. *Sigh*

    On a serious note, however, you have no doubt won my vote for most prolific and profound blogger this NaBloPoMo.

  2. Sounds like you hit the FOUND jackpot, Tara. (laughing) It also reminds me of my neighbor Susan Bradley‘s recently published essay, “Dutiful mom pockets what tyke drops.” Ironically, Susan and I haven’t yet met in person.

    Thanks for the kind words, and don’t forget I’m retired, which made it a lot easier to participate in NaBloPoMo. It was a little outside my comfort zone at first, but it’s definitely been rewarding.

  3. very insightful. BUT, it is perceived to be random if we lost sight of (or don’t know) the “cause.”

    thanks for the enlightenment!

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