Six ways to satisfy your yearning for publication

Larry Smith, the founder and editor of SMITH, is nudging you to tell him your story. If you’re still working on the 800-page version, then you might want to take time out to pen a Six-Word Memoir or submit a 100-word answer for SMITH’s popuLIST. Or don’t write anything, just read what other contributors have written. “Storytelling,” says Smith, “has never been easier, more democratic—and, on the good days, interesting.”

Six Sentences
Give Robert McEvily six good sentences in a paragraph format. That’s all there is to it. (Tara Lazar’s six-sentence stories are some of my favorites.)

Common Ties
From all over the world, Elizabeth Armstrong Moore gathers intimate stories that illustrate humanity’s common themes. She publishes them online as Quickies (300 words or less), Stories (750 to 1,500 words), or answers to 20 Questions. Some of the submissions to Common Ties are recorded for podcasts, and some are eventually selected to appear in printed anthologies.

Zuda Comics
A new adventure of stalwart DC Comics, Zuda is holding a monthly competition that allows readers to choose which among 10 selected entries will become a new series. Any comic creator can upload a concept consisting of eight screens for consideration by Zuda editors.

400 Words
This endeavor calls itself “a literary magazine for people with short attention spans and over-abundant curiosity.” Katherine Sharpe collects personal nonfiction on assigned topics for 400 Words and publishes it on the Web and in print.

FOUND Magazine
You say you’re not a writer? Then keep your eyes peeled for a bizarre scrap of flotsam, bring it home, scan it, and submit it to FOUND with a brief caption. “We collect it all,” says Jason Bitner, “—love letters, birthday cards, kids’ homework, to-do lists, poetry on napkins, doodles—anything that gives a glimpse into someone else’s life.” Caution: For voyeurs only!

One Reply to “Six ways to satisfy your yearning for publication”

  1. Hi Robin! Thanks for mentioning my work! I’m glad you are enjoying my stories. This is a terrific article full of venues I wasn’t aware of! I am off to check out “Found”! Cheers, Tara

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