Columbus Blogger – Social Media Meetup

WOSU Public Media and COSI will co-host the Columbus Blogger – Social Media Meetup at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, November 15, 2007, at 333 W. Broad St. in Columbus, Ohio.

The meetup was devised to allow the more traditional media and the science museum to discuss with bloggers the effective use of online social networks to empower local communities whose members would like to make a difference. The idea is to improve communication that can affect the quality of life at a hyperlocal level.

An open invitation to Thursday’s event was extended by Tim Eby, WOSU’s radio manager and chairman of the board of directors for National Public Radio. Eby is also a board member for the Jazz Arts Group and Thurber House. He created a Facebook event page to register meetup participants with this call to action:

Could we use social media and our many talents and resources to break through the bureaucratic barriers that seem to block so much local reform?

Could we gain enough support and understanding to shift our education system so that our children are equipped to face the sometime harsh realities of the world?

Could we start to make sense of what our aging population, our health care system and even our food system may mean to us?

What other issues should we be discussing with an eye toward change?

Okay. I’m curious. The opportunity to meet other bloggers, especially aged ones, in person is irresistible.

Eby suggests interested bloggers might be able to take advantage of the studios and technology at WOSU@COSI. He implies WOSU is looking to bloggers, among others, to help WOSU@COSI develop ideas for new community programming and services. Thursday’s meetup is designed to find a common agenda. It could also be a volatile mix. The one thing most blogs have in common at this moment in history is their utter independence, but everything evolves. Blogs and other forms of media are converging in places—sometimes churning strong currents. The undertow can be treacherous. Nevertheless, I’m truly looking forward to the event and would love the chance to meet you there.

5 Replies to “Columbus Blogger – Social Media Meetup”

  1. Wow, Flo… As you noticed, I wrote this post ten years ago. I no longer live in or even near Columbus, Ohio. In fact, most of the folks I can remember from the 2007 meetup have scattered to the winds. Noel Hidalgo is in New York City. Tim Eby is in St. Louis. However, Jim Ellison appears still to be in C-bus, as does Bob Robertson-Boyd.

    A monthly meetup of Columbus Ohio Podcasters might interest you. A Columbus WordPress Meetup group probably focuses more specifically on software programming.

    Why don’t you search on and Facebook for like-minded, socially inclined bloggers? Because blogging has become mainstream in the past fifteen years, special interest groups no longer identify themselves simply as bloggers. If you can be more specific in your online search, then you’ll soon find your tribe, as Seth Godin would call them. Of course, the proactive approach would be to create a Meetup and invite all interested parties to show up. Good luck!

  2. Thanks for your quick response! I was in India in 2007 :) I knew it was a long shot, but I have been looking for blogger meetups in Columbus and I couldn’t find any, so I thought I’ll just give it a try and wrote to you :) I am a part of the Podcasters Meetup! You are right..Maybe I should just go ahead and start a meetup..Thanks again..I appreciate your response!

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