Reluctant #2706

NaBloPoMo 2007

Should I be hesitant to enroll in NaNoWriMo‘s little sister event, affectionately referred to as NaBloPoMo? My time might be better spent correcting typos before I send email. Oops! Too late.

ghostActually, a month of daily blogging will eliminate every spare moment I’d otherwise waste reinstalling unruly Zapf Dingbats, checking my community’s tech initiatives forum for a pulse, and reading Craigslist. All that fun must come to an end, ’cause it’s National Blog Posting Month.

I’ll be posting five times more often in November and, believe me, I thought about saving this post for one more day. In a testament to camaraderie, however, I opted to give the bloggers I know at least 24 hours to think about accepting the NaBloPoMo challenge. Almost 3,000 people already have.

batsNetworking among bloggers is easy right now. In spite of the sense that everyone has a blog, we’re only a small percentage of the earth’s population. I’m hoping NaBloPoMo, in its way, will reaffirm that this little group understands the value of establishing a network before it’s urgently needed in response to a natural disaster or a moral crisis. Our ability and willingness to convey and confirm information rapidly can transform the way we live.

cauldronI’ll try to post something useful or entertaining each day next month. Let me know if I start to give credence to Vanessa Grigoriadis, who claims the snarky tone of Gawker has become “the de facto voice of blogs today.” While successful bloggers surely have their ripple effects, there are plenty of us looking beyond what exists to what could be better.

Happy Halloween!

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