No dearth of writing contests

In her comment on an earlier post, T.T. Thomas asked, “Was just wondering if you had a list of contests that aren’t closing… day after tomorrow!”

Perfect stranger” by Daniel Sandoval is licensed under CC BY 2.0

I know T.T.’s not rushing to finish and send out her manuscript. The antithesis of a blog, in the eyes of most writers, an elegant novel requires a lot of time, intensely focused effort, and endless revisions. Some writers like to share their manuscripts with writing groups, critique partners, or professional coaches who can offer suggestions while the work is still in progress.

When a novel is ready to submit, fear not, there will be no shortage of active writing contests to enter. Check the following resources for current listings:

C. Hope Clark is the author of The Shy Writer. (I love that title.) Her free newsletter contains a list of contests and grant opportunities, and a few examples can be found on her website.

Freelance Writing
This site includes a database that lists, among other contests, the 2007 St. Martin’s Minotaur/Mystery Writers of America Best First Crime Novel Competition, which has an entry deadline of November 30, 2007.

Poets & Writers
This publication’s website provides an online calendar for grant application and contest deadlines two months in advance.

A search of online social networking groups will reveal members sharing contest information. A query for “contest” brings up interesting results on sites like Gather.

Much more than a word of caution about writing competitions is offered as a public service by Writer Beware. Please take the time to read the information there before you consider entering a contest sponsored by an organization with which you’re not already familiar.

Tucked away in another recent comment is the name of a contest for those who desire immediate gratification even more than the $25 grand prize. Robert McEvily prompts writers to submit stories consisting of Six Sentences in paragraph form, and he pledges to respond to each submission in six days. Check out some of the impressive winning entries. I’m enamored.

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