Nothing says it like satire… or honesty

Lacking a spare moment to compose my thoughts this weekend, I’m reaching into the blogger’s bag of cheap tricks. I’ll reinforce my views by linking you to a couple of very good writers who, coincidentally, happen to be bloggers. First, a UK bartender-turned-police officer, who’s now encumbered by one of those “unusually heavy tank tops” on the job, covers all you ever need to know about transparency:

Jack Russell puppy
Photo courtesy of John Evans

This is Bobbie. Actually this isn’t Bobbie, it’s just a photo of some Jack Russell who looks like Bobbie, pinched off the ‘net to use here. Bobbie’s anonymity, like my own, must be treated carefully. Because Bobbie, like me, doesn’t care too much for rules and duties… Read on…

On this side of the Atlantic, Celestina gets honest about how it feels to have one foot in each world, the digital and the real:

The children of current western cultures are growing up understanding the value of an online existence. The children of third world countries, growing up in locations where setting up free computers with Internet access is a favourite philanthropist pastime, have all the more impetus to place getting their own connection at the top of their priority list. After all, what could possibly make an Inside existence more appealing than an uncomfortable or intolerable Outside one? What our generations struggle to embrace, our children will intuitively understand and accept… Read on…

Now, tell me writers who blog aren’t as entertaining, informative, and talented as those whose work appears in print. I dare you.

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