Launch date

In order to encourage my clients to start their own blogs, I launched my professional effort at transparency today.

Having recently donated two weeks to Assignment Zero, Jay Rosen’s experimental pro-am journalism project, I feel I’ve been through blogging boot camp. When I registered as a volunteer journalist, I didn’t anticipate being required to blog. Under less exigent circumstances, I might not have elected to be so radically transparent. However, in the case of Assignment Zero, I jumped into the fray, embraced the new technology, and gained incredible insight into the transformation journalism is undergoing. I also met some engaging and brilliant contributors and publicly debated one particular curmudgeon, after which I was accurately labeled a firebrand. There’s no better way to learn.

Through my work on Assignment Zero, I had the privilege of interviewing Special Agent Tommy Ray of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, who deserves every bit of attention the news media can provide.

2 Replies to “Launch date”

  1. If I did that, I’d be identifying the curmudgeon, who is not here to offer a defense. The Luddite is often unable to acknowledge the pleasure obtained from gatekeeping, and the rogue finds a way under the fence.

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